How to Offer a Better “Thank You”

| | General Leadership
How To Offer A Better Thank You

Thanksgiving week in the United States marks the beginning of the holiday season. It's the season for celebrations and gift giving. It is also the season for expressing gratitude. This time of year can also be a whirlwind of activity, which can actually keep us engaged but yet distract us from being truly present with [...]


Are You The One?

| | Personal Leadership
Are You The One?

When there is fear, are you the one to choose compassion in spite of the fear you too may feel? When there is apathy, are you the one to choose action over the pull for you to do nothing? When complaining takes center stage, are you the one to wake yourself up and choose to [...]


Coaching Lessons From A Reality TV Show

| | Leading Organizations
Coaching Lessons from A Reality TV Show

When it comes to reality TV, I'm not a fan. That is, except for The Voice. The show begins with four music stars listening to people sing. The unique part about the setup is that it's a blind audition. The first step is to choose who they want on their team. It's really all about [...]

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