Why Didn’t I Get That Promotion?

8 Reasons You Were Overlooked for That Promotion

Following is an article from one of our favorite guest bloggers, Beth Armknecht Miller

Most of us have asked ourselves this question sometime during our career, and you might be asking yourself the question right now.  After working with scores of executives as a coach and advisor, I have developed my top eight reasons why people are overlooked for a promotion.

  1. A high performance doesn’t mean high potential.  In other words, just because you are doing a great job today doesn’t mean that you are displaying the competencies and behaviors necessary to be successful in a higher-level position.  You need to understand what those competencies are by having a career conversation with your manager.
  2. No clear goals. One consistent trait that high potentials exhibit is goal orientation. They have a clear vision of where they want to be in the future and are motivated to get there. You may be an expert at your job today, but what are your future career goals and what are you doing to get there?
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The Power of Your Voice

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Your most powerful weapon is your voice.

As I sat listening to Sally Armstrong, an award winning journalist who has covered zones of conflict all over the world for the past 25 years, I was mesmerized by her stories of women who are courageously altering the status quo for themselves and igniting others to do the same around the world.  She was sharing stories from her recently released book titled Uprising.

When asked “what can we do,” one of her responses was this:

“Your most powerful weapon is your voice.” – Sally Armstrong  (tweet this)

Her stories demonstrate the power we can wield when we are willing to speak up.

As I wrote about previously, Malala Yousafzai literally risked her life when she chose to go to school.  She was shot in the head and left for dead.  She is now a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize at the age of 16 and is on a mission to educate girls around the world.

Sally Armstrong risked her life to travel into dangerous places to tell a story that likely put her in even more danger. [click to continue...]


Make Values As Important As Results

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Organizational Culture

S. Chris Edmonds believes that great culture drives great performance – an idea he develops in his latest book, The Culture Engine. For an organization to fulfill its potential, the culture must truly reflect the heart of the company from leaders to team members. Here’s one way leaders can inspire their teams to increased potential and higher performance.

How is “leadership effectiveness” measured in your organization?

If the only thing people pay attention to is results, you might be reinforcing behaviors that erode trust, respect, and dignity.

A friend told me recently about a challenging situation her company is facing. One of their plants is run by a bully. This plant employs over 600 team members. About 80 of those team members are team leaders, supervisors, or managers. Every one of those leaders knows that George, the plant manager, doesn’t treat people fairly – or well.

George admits he’s lousy with people. [click to continue...]

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