3 Keys to Listening Better

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We were in a three day meeting. The first one and a half days had gone great.

And then we met an enemy of progress head on – that enemy was the all too human need to prove we are right.

We had reached an impasse in which neither side would give.  We had actually believed we were very much aligned and thought the next conversation would be easy.

It wasn’t.

When we dug deeper into applying the principles we had developed and chosen to follow together, an intense debate began. It wasn’t that we didn’t have a shared commitment or that we didn’t agree on the principles. It wasn’t that people were lying or being compliant when they said they could get behind the framework we created for moving forward.

The problem wasn’t that we were not aligned in principle.  It was that we had very different views regarding how to go about satisfying those principles and achieving our common goal.

On the one side there were people who thought they were taking a stand for something and that they had a great idea.  They could prove it because it had worked before and had evidence that it could work given the new standards. [click to continue...]


The Step After Getting Clear

| | Personal Leadership

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Clarity is power.

There is, however, a step beyond clarity that you can take to channel that power productively.  Whether you get clear about something, including what you need to do next, the thing you realize you need to learn, the solution to a vexing problem, etc., you’ll likely experience a surge of energy.

The energy from an “aha” moment can be potent. The problem is that this surge of clarity, and the energy that comes with it, can also be fleeting.

In those immensely gratifying moments in which you become clear about something important to your progress, the motivation to take action all too often meets with an equally powerful force – resistance.

This is why it is critical to take action quickly – the bolder the better – in those moments of clarity.

Take action quickly and the prize will be a sense of progress that can carry that energy forward into momentum.

Now by action I specifically DO NOT mean planning either.  Sure planning may be necessary at some point, but it is likely you already know at least the next step (or even the next few steps) already. [click to continue...]


A Leader’s Perspective

| | General Leadership

A Leader’s Perspective

“Great leadership is a mindset.
It’s not just about getting the job done; it’s about how you get it done.”
- Michelle Pizer, host of Cracking the Leadership Code

There is only so far “how to” advice will get you as a leader. Until you start to think like a leader, your actions will likely not pass for acts of leadership.

Without the right mindset, attempts to lead can even occur like you are trying to control, coerce, or manipulate people rather than actually lead them. Position, power, and authority may get people to follow you, but it’s because they have to and not because they choose to.

What does a leader’s mindset actually look like?

Here are 3 of the fundamental perspectives of an effective leader:

The success of every conversation and interaction is MY responsibility.

Leaders take personal responsibility very seriously and apply personal responsibility to their relationships. They pay attention to the impact they have on others. If their message doesn’t get across they find another way to get through. [click to continue...]

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