The Simplest Gift

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The end of the year always seems to rush in as though it were, strangely enough, unexpected.  This is a time of completion and an opportunity to begin to ponder the year ahead.

It can also be a time of hyper-productivity.  There is, after all, nothing like a rapidly approaching deadline for many of us (like me!) to add fuel to the drive to get stuff done!

Then there are those obligatory things we must do to close out the year. These may not take as much time as they do energy as you probably would much rather be doing other things right now.

And, for many of us, the Holiday Season just adds more to our plates.  Even things we want to do can add to a sense of “too much to do”.

With the remnants of the past year calling for completion and the future pulling us forward, the time we can all too easily miss is the present.

The word “present” is a synonym for another word signifying a theme of this time of year – “gift”.  Consider this a clue to perhaps the greatest gift of all available for every one of us to give. [click to continue...]


Moments of Trust

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Trust may manifest in how we feel about someone, but behind that feeling is a series of moment to moment interactions that set the stage for the quality of the relationship.

Some of those moments will inevitably be moments of truth.  They will set the stage for a long and satisfying relationship or they will cause a crack in the foundation of trust for the future.

You may not realize at the time just how pivotal one of those moments of truth may be in building or undermining trust until after the fact.  Yet what if there was a way to increase the odds that when those moments arise that they will be the ones you can look back on to tell the story of how trust was forged?

There is indeed a way to turn moments of truth into moments of trust if you are willing to make building trust a priority.

While you may logically think making trust a priority is a good idea, be aware up front that it will take work, sometimes hard work, to actually follow through.

As with any great and important endeavor, the journey to building trust begins with making a choice to not only begin but to keep choosing even when it gets hard.  Barbara Kimmel made the choice to make trust building more than a priority.  She has made it her mission and followed through in a big way.  Barbara has taken a stand for trustworthy behaviors and business practices and stepped up by forming an organization called Trust Across America and Trust Around the World. [click to continue...]


The Foundation for a Great Partnership

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Great things are accomplished through extraordinary partnership.

Yet partnership can be one of the most difficult levels of relationship to cultivate.

Take a marriage for example.  Marriage is a kind of partnership, yet 50% or more of those relationships will end in divorce.  Then there are business partnerships.  One of the most important elements of a partnership agreement for a legal business partnership is to negotiate how a partnership will end even before it starts.

There are very good reasons for this because partnership, while having great potential upside, is an inherently risky endeavor.

In corporate circles the word partnership is used to describe successful relationships across organizational boundaries.

Partnership is a context for working together that involves a mutual commitment to a shared purpose and to each other.

It is also a level of relationship that is stronger and more enduring than the kind of relationship required to simply work well together and even to collaborate. [click to continue...]

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