What to Do When Normal Isn’t Healthy

What To Do When Normal Isn’t Healthy

Larry Senn’s personal purpose is to help an ever-widening number of people live life at their best mentally, emotionally, physically, and purposefully. One tool he created to make that a reality for tens of thousands of people is the Mood Elevator, an operating manual to keep you out of the emotional basement. Here, he shares how to [...]


What is the Storyline for Your Leadership?

What Is the Storyline for Your Leadership?

A video titled “THE LAB: Decoy – A portrait session with a twist” demonstrates how a story can shape our reality.  The point of the video is this: “A photograph is shaped more by the person behind the camera than what is in front of it.”  - The Lab Consider this… as a leader, you are like [...]


How to Listen in an Age of INTERNAL Distractions

How to Listen in an Age of Internal Distractions

Listening well is hard work. To do it effectively, you must be both focused and present. Yet, in our age of attention deficit, it can be difficult to create the mental space necessary to really listen to another human being. The mechanics may be simple, but keeping the concentration necessary to process meaning is not. Part I considered [...]

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