The Path to High Performance

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If you want to get on a path to high performance, there is one thing you must first accept:

Whatever your current level of performance may be at this moment, if you aspire to something greater or to be better you have a performance gap.

Being honest with yourself about your gap is an important first step in closing it.

After all, how can you close your performance gap until can accept you have one and are willing to honestly explore it?

Yet for many that gap can be extremely hard to face.  Perhaps it’s because in facing the gap we must confront one of our greatest fears as human beings – that we are not enough.

The pursuit of truly high performance is an act of courage – the courage to stand for who you could become as you come face to face with who and what you are not right now.

To make things easier, whether as an individual or an organization, we often focus on making incremental improvement rather than taking bold leaps.

The strategy for making incremental improvement is to set stretch goals – ones we know we can make if we just work harder and smarter.  It’s not that an incremental improvement approach is a bad idea.  In fact, it is a valuable practice for ensuring you continue to make progress. [click to continue...]


Are You Playing Enough?

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Following is a guest post from Rich Largman.  Rich is someone I have collaborated with for 15 years in working with clients.  He is also my personal coach and one of my dearest friends.  It is my pleasure to share his insight and writing with you here.  This topic is so perfect as a first post for him here because he brings the energy of curiosity and play to everything he does, especially his work.  His presence is a gift in every dimension of my life.

We’ve all heard the familiar scoldings growing up such as…

…Quit fooling around.
…Will you please grow up.
…When will you stop acting like a child?

Well if it were up to me, the answer to that last question would be NEVER!

In an effort to eliminate the childish qualities from our behavior as we race toward adulthood, our child-like qualities often become part of the collateral damage. And that is too bad. By losing our child-like qualities, we lose an immensely valuable resource – the ability to play. [click to continue...]


A Letter to a Bully

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Have you ever been bullied?

Even if you haven’t chances are you know someone who has.

It doesn’t matter whether it was long ago as a kid or now as an adult.  Even when you have the maturity to recognize bullying for what it is, the hateful actions of a bully can still wreak havoc in your life.

Being bullied feels like an assault.  Whether it is on your person or your character being bullied can deal a debilitating blow, especially when someone has power over you such as a boss or a teacher.

Bullies tap into your fears and can do damage to your self image if you don’t find a way to take a stand for yourself and get the support you need.

Someone close to me experienced being severely bullied in the workplace over 5 years ago.  Even today the impact lingers.  He felt powerless because the bully was his boss and he had no idea how to get the support he needed to address it.  He suffered in silence fearing that going to anyone in his company, including HR, would somehow reflect poorly on him and just make it worse. [click to continue...]

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