Are You Willing to Speak up?

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Are You Willing to Speak Up?

Malala Yousafzai from Pakistan won the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize, along with Kailash Satyarthi from India, for their extraordinary work in standing for the right of all children to an education.  For most of us in the western world, speaking up may require courage, but rarely does it require us to risk our lives as was the case for Malala.

She was not allowed to go to school as a girl because of Talibanization.  Here is an excerpt from her story:

“At that time I stood up for my rights and I decided that I would speak up.  I did not wait for someone else. I had really two options.  One was not to speak and then be killed.  The second was to speak up and and then be killed. . . At that time I needed to raise my voice because I wanted to go back to school. . . I wanted to learn and to be who I can be in my future.”

She took a stand for herself, and in the process took a stand for the children of the world.  She goes on to say something we can all learn from when we are faced with the choice to speak up or not in our own lives. [click to continue...]


The Key to Alignment

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The Key to Alignment

The mood was extremely tense. Forty leaders gathered in a room to address a crisis in their community. The meeting was closed to the press. There was a story to be told, but none of these leaders wanted to let the press turn an isolated incident into an indictment on their town.

We had two hours to get on the same page about how to handle the situation. History would definitely not have predicted a positive outcome.  It seemed unlikely this group could reach agreement about anything, let alone something so significant.  As one of the key players described it, this was a lions den.

Despite the odds this group did, indeed, come together.

Of course, the ultimate test of alignment is not in what people say, but rather what they do.  As the meeting came to a close and the doors were opened, the press descended on us. There were trucks, reporters and camera crews surrounding the building, But there was only one person questions were directed to by every single person in that meeting. [click to continue...]


Lead From Your Greatness Zone

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Lead from Your Greatness Zone

Please join me in welcoming Jay Forte as a guest writer.  Jay’s message about living in your Greatness Zone is at the heart of the call to lead.  I admire how Jay lives true to his message and am thrilled to have him join us here at Random Acts of Leadership.  — Susan Mazza

True leadership comes from the inside out – it comes from your inner greatness.  tweet this

Titles may give you the authority, but greatness gives you the ability. When you tap into your inner greatness – your talents, strengths, passions, and values – you connect to what is best in you. From this place, your view of you, others, and the world changes. Imagine if you used greatness as a leadership standard?

How can you lead from your greatness zone?

I have some guidance that comes forward as an update to some of our historic “leadership rules.” First we saw the Golden Rule – treat others as you want to be treated. It was updated by the Platinum Rule – treat others the way they want to be treated. [click to continue...]

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