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Why We Don’t Ask and Why We Should Anyway

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Amanda Palmer ran one of the most successful crowd funding campaigns ever to raise money to support her music.  The record company was not satisfied with her results with only 25,000 units sold, so to keep pursuing her art she took matters into her own hands.  She set out to raise $100,000.  She raised $1.1 [...]


How to Keep Promises to Yourself Part 2

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Are you one of those people who do a great job keeping your commitments to others, but have a hard time keeping commitments to yourself?  Perhaps you don't struggle with this, but you likely know someone who does.  This is a big problem for a lot of people. One of the most common recommendations by [...]


Accountability Is Not About Justice

The very idea of holding someone to account tends to make people bristle with apprehension and fear regardless of whether they are the one holding or the one being held to account.  We seem to have developed a belief that the purpose of holding someone to account is to make sure they know they did [...]


Why Setting Expectations Can Backfire

Following is a guest post by Garret Kramer, author of Stillpower: Excellence with Ease in Sports and Life. His revolutionary approach to performance has transformed the careers of professionals athletes and coaches, Olympians, and collegiate players. Kramer's work has been featured on WFAN, ESPN, Fox, and CTV, as well as in national publications such as [...]


How to Say No and Mean It

"Yes" is certainly a much easier and more socially acceptable response, especially if you want to be perceived positively and/or as a team player.  It can even feel good, at least in the moment you say it anyway. Unfortunately, saying "yes" to too many things is also a way to get yourself overcommitted and can lead to feelings [...]

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