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9 Ways A Leader Can Earn Trust

9 Ways A Leader Can Earn Trust

The conditions for trusting someone are very personal. In fact, despite how logical your assessments regarding trustworthiness may seem to you, it's important to remember that not everyone takes the same approach. Some of us grant trust and take it away when someone does not live up to our standards or expectations. Others believe trust [...]


Reawakening the Nobility of Service

Reawakening the Nobility of Service

In his newest book on innovative service, bestselling author Chip R. Bell focuses on the importance of delivering the "core" of a service experience in a fashion that is value-unique, not just value-added. Here he offers some of that practical advice, explaining how a novel service experience can also be one that is profound. “You [...]


How to Deal with Disrespect

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Perhaps you felt like someone was being condescending toward you. Or maybe they said or did something that you felt was intentionally designed to make you feel small or less important. A client had called me recently because she had been dealing with someone for the last few days who left her feeling increasingly angry [...]


3 Reasons Why Connecting is Essential to Progress

3 Reasons Why Connecting Is Essential to Progress

In our fast-paced, rapidly changing world, there is an endless demand for things that need to get done. It's not hard to make a case that the need for organizations to be productive is paramount to success. Yet all too often the path to increased productivity excludes time to connect with each other. Some would [...]


How Asking Can Make You a Rock Star

How Asking Can Make You a Rock Star

No one has all the answers.  Yet all too often we think we should know things we don't. Or worse yet, we worry that other people expect us to know things that we don't. When that happens, we simply don't ask to avoid the risk of looking bad or feeling stupid. Or we spend countless [...]

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