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How to Access Your Greatness Zone

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"You have an inventory of greatness - your talents, strengths and passions. You come packaged to do great things. Do a lot with what you have - be a game changer." --Jay Forte, The Greatness Zone One place to look for your answer is in your actions.  Are you actively and consistently taking steps that [...]


Nothing is Wrong

Nothing is Wrong

On the surface, problems can seem simple and the solutions obvious. Of course, sometimes they are.  On the other hand, what seems like an easy and obvious fix may only serve to treat the symptom and not address the underlying problem.  Other times you solve one problem only to reveal or even create another. It can be [...]


How WIll You Spend Tomorrow?

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"If you knew you were guaranteed to receive $86,400 a day, at 12:01 am every day for the rest of your life, how would you spend it?" The only catch is that you must spend it.  You can't save it in any form, and whatever you don't spend is gone forever. What would drive your [...]


Take Off the Cuffs

“Golden handcuffs” is a phrase used to describe a system of financial incentives designed to keep key employees from leaving a company. If you are wearing them, however, they likely feel a lot more like a safety and security net, than like restraints. Of course, if you love what you do and where you work it could [...]


What is Your Personal GPA?

Following is a guest post by Eric C. Sinoway, the co-founder & president of Axcess Worldwide, a partnership development company based in New York, and the he author of Howard’s Gift: Uncommon Wisdom to Inspire Your Life’s Work. A friend and business partner of mine, Warren Adams, tells me that he wakes up each morning [...]

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