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Give Yourself a Gift for the Holidays

Give Yourself a Gift for the Holidays

It’s that time of year when we celebrate and show appreciation for the people in our lives.  It’s also a time for giving. You may love appreciating people and giving gifts.  For me personally, this is my favorite time of year for that reason. Yet while our focus is typically on others, I’d like you [...]


The One Thing Your Success Depends On

The One Thing Your Success Depends On

Leaders are all around us in our everyday lives. Sometimes they have a title, and sometimes they don’t. Regardless, they offer us a treasure trove of insight if we are willing to take the time to ...consciously observe them in action, …actively listen to their stories, …and even ask them to share what they have [...]


Embracing Failure

Success or Failure?

Successful business leaders tell us over and over again that they had to fail to get to where they are. In fact, it is precisely those failures that led to their success.  Look at Steve Jobs. When did he come up with the iPod? After he had been kicked out of Apple!  When you think of [...]


Set Boundaries for Your Success

In a recent article on Halogen Software’s Talent Space Blog, Sean Conrad asks the question: “Is Working Less the Secret to Employee Productivity?” His question triggered my thinking about the power of setting boundaries to improve performance and fuel our success. While it may seem counter-intuitive at first to think that setting limits has anything [...]


Do You Take Chances or Risks?

It was a bright sunny day on the beach in Hilton Head, SC.  This was the first of what would become an annual gathering of college friends for 20+ years and still going strong.  I invited my brother's wife, Marla, to join us that year. As my long time friend, Sheri, my very new sister-in-law, [...]

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