2 Things Success Stories have in Common

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Behind every success story are a few, if not many, stories of failure along the way. Just this week I listened to Nancy Whelan Eichler, VP of Global Digital at Brownie Brittle, LLC share her personal story as well as the ups and downs of the Brownie Brittle brand launch. Among many things she shared, one that struck me about the ultimate success story of the Brownie Brittle brand is just how hard it is to be a small player in a huge marketplace. Yet the reality is we ALL start out as small players in some respect.

Even the world famous people highlighted in the info-graphic below started out as unknown people with unproven ideas. This graphic highlights the failure of some of the most well know success stories.


One important takeaway for me from these failures is that [Tweet “everyone who succeeds experiences failure along the way”]

When you find yourself facing failure remember you are in great company – the company of successful people in any endeavor in life!

So whether you become a household name like these folks, or simply triumph over the challenges in your corner of the world and make a difference that matters, there are at least 2 things all success stories have in common:

Failure is one of them, but even more importantly is not quitting when you fail.

Remember that no one will win if you quit, especially the people who you will touch by your success.

Source: OnlineMBAToday.com


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skipprichard1   |   09 April 2016   |   Reply

A great encouragement as all of us experience failure on the path to success. And, now I am looking for some Brownie Brittle… 🙂

Susan Mazza   |   09 April 2016   |   Reply

Thanks Skip! And yes, do go find some brownie brittle. It is awesome!!!

jasbindar singh   |   12 April 2016   |   Reply

Great info graphic and message, Susan. Having been conditioned to see failure as “BAD” in the past, it has take conscious effort to change this mindset to one of ‘failure as part of the learning journey!’ Great examples and reminders here. Thank you.

Susan Mazza   |   15 April 2016   |   Reply

I can creating relate to that Jasbinder. That conditioning that failure = BAD can indeed be hard to overcome. For me the first step was learning to forgive myself when I made mistakes. I think phase 2 was learning to laugh at myself!