Month: October 2009


Every Child is Our Child

On 6/10/01 I wrote the poem below in memory of one of our children, Walter Contreras Valenzuela, Morristown, NJ.  He was a young boy who was murdered in my town.  I put a link in my last post “What Stands Are You Taking?” to this poem for those interested in reading it.  The morning after [...]


What Stands are You Taking?

A few months ago Colin Lewis took a stand for a group of disadvantaged children in his community.  He has been investing his time as well as donating the proceeds from subscriptions to his Wisdom Notes to the orphanages supported by the Chiva Foundation.   As a subscriber I can say they are truly remarkable and [...]


The Antidote for Worry

No matter how positive we may be or how much we try to think positive, let’s face it, sometimes we worry. I noticed myself drifting in and out of worry and doubt last week so I watched some TV for distraction. I tuned into Grey’s Anatomy. I guess I find other people’s drama to be [...]


We Are Not Poor

Following is an excerpt from my father, Jim Ernst’s, memoirs. I am sharing it here because in his story lies a wonderful demonstration of the power of our beliefs. “We didn’t have much food in the house. We lived in a one family house in Baldwin, NY on Long Island. I was born during the [...]