Month: November 2009


5 Ways to Lead the Way to Holiday Miracles

I can think of no more important place for our leadership to make a difference than in our families.  The Holiday Season is a particularly opportune time for us to lead the way for something new and maybe even miraculous to show up.  Wherever in the world you may live the holidays have a way [...]


On the Other Side of Right

In a previous post titled Who is Right? I wrote about the cost of being right and the dangers of righteousness.  Starting with an example of a company providing customer service, I expanded the conversation to how this applies to a leader.  Here I am going to explore how it applies to every one of [...]


Who is Right?

If you look closely at this picture you will see that 8 out of 26 letters are completely worn off.  I purchased this Gateway laptop in July of 2008.  I also purchased an extended warranty from Office Depot to cover hardware defects and malfunctions for 3 years. Seems to me the keys are hardware.  And [...]


Do You Set People Up to Win?

In an excellent post titled “Listen Like a Leader”, Randy Hall shares a great story illuminating a trap that people in leadership positions can easily fall into: focusing on ensuring their people get to know them rather than focusing on getting to know their people.  He also points to what I will call a corollary [...]