Month: February 2010


When Delegation Becomes Abdication

Clearly there is a big difference between delegating and abdicating in definition.  However, all too often I see the two being confused in practice.  And when it does it is disempowering, ineffective, and degrades trust.  It also undermines our ability to hold people accountable with honor and respect which further undermines the health of our [...]


You Matter

Who you are, What you think, What you say, What you do, It ALL Matters. Because YOU Matter. … In the web of life nothing is insignificant. No one is inherently less than or more than. You are magnificent, A unique expression of humanity. … Knowing that you matter, what might you do to express [...]


What’s Your Agenda?

Jane Perdue of The Braithewaite Group and the Life, Love & Leadership blog has introduced a challenging topic with a post called “Politics are Necessary but Not Necessarily Evil” where she suggests that many of the core characteristics of quality leadership are also the central tenets of office politics.  Jane’s post is thought provoking:  a [...]