Month: March 2010


Are You the Master of Your Time?

Are you the master of your time or is time the master of you? I have been thinking a lot about that question lately in my own life and work. While I have worked hard and made significant strides in being more organized, making choices to invest my time more wisely, etc. I periodically find [...]


The Urge to Lead

Since Lolly Daskal and I launched our You Matter Radio Show  in January 2010 we have interviewed an amazing array of truly bright, inspired and inspiring people from around the world.  Our interviews are a way for us to inquire into the limitless ways people are making a difference by leveraging their unique passions, talents [...]


Do You Take Chances or Risks?

It was a bright sunny day on the beach in Hilton Head, SC.  This was the first of what would become an annual gathering of college friends for 20+ years and still going strong.  I invited my brother’s wife, Marla, to join us that year. As my long time friend, Sheri, my very new sister-in-law, [...]


REAL Leadership

Mike Henry, Founder of the Lead Change Group and the LeaderPalooza unconference organizer asked the participants of the first LeaderPalooza to share their thoughts about the unique value of the event and the Lead Change Group.  Here are my reflections a few weeks after the event. In February 2010 I had the privilege to spend [...]