Month: August 2010


Just Ask

You have this big dream or a really exciting idea.  Your spirit is brimming with positive energy from the possibility.  Your mind is racing with tons of great ideas on how to make it happen. Then you start to think of who you would love to ask to join you. And then you think to [...]


Stamping Out Political Correctness

In an excellent post on Leadership and Political Correctness, Mike Myatt of N2Growth discusses the debilitating phenomena of political correctness that has unfortunately, as he puts it, “become a dominant mind-set in our society”.  In this post he posed the following question: “Do you ever wonder how the term “Politically Correct” evolved from an obscure catch-phrase that was once used [...]


Can Trust Be Repaired?

There are many who believe that once trust has been breached or broken it can never be repaired, at least not to the level that returns the relationship to it’s former state.  I absolutely agree with that.  Except I believe that while the relationship will never be the same, that does not have to mean [...]