Month: September 2010


Rising from the Ashes

Can failure be the source of success? This is a true story… Donna (real person, fictitious name) was someone who had previously failed in managing a project but was now ready to put herself out there again.  After all, the project she led before was something no one else had even tried to do.  She [...]


The Beginner’s Challenge

A true sign of mastery is realizing just how much you don’t know.   Since masters and beginners share “not knowing” in common, why is “not knowing” so freeing for us when we have achieved mastery, and so darn uncomfortable when we are beginners? Amber Naslund got me thinking about this in her post titled The [...]


The Challenge of Managing People is People

There is no doubt working with people is a lot less predictable and messy than working with things. When I asked the question “What is your biggest challenge in managing people?” on twitter one of the first responses I got was from @LeeJCarey who said “the biggest challenge in managing people is people”.  So true! [...]