Month: October 2010


The Lost Art of Passionate Discourse

In The Benefit of Dissenting Opinion Mike Myatt reminds us of the importance of vigorous debate.  I think the reticence of people to offer a dissenting opinion, or hear one for that matter, points to a more fundamental issue getting in the way of progress. We seem to have lost the ability to have passionate [...]


The Meaning Of Yes

It is way too easy to over commit ourselves these days.  Overwhelm and an ever expanding to do list are symptoms that we have a problem.  According to conventional wisdom learning to say no is key to solving this  problem. But I don’t think the solution to overcoming a habit of over committing is as [...]


It’s Not About Power

In Rising from the Ashes I told the story of how Donna led a team to success after having failed previously. One key learning, which made the difference between failure the first time and success the second time, was how to create an accountable relationship with team members. There are two things that often get [...]