Month: June 2011


Filling the Void of Real Leadership

Have you noticed how many adjectives we seem to use these days when we talk about leadership? Authentic, servant, great and real are a few of the adjectives that come to mind. In scanning articles about leadership it doesn’t take long to get the message that there is an absence of the kind of leadership [...]


What is the Status Quo Costing You?

The status quo is a powerful force.  We often talk passionately about the need to transcend it.  We paint the status quo as the villain in the story of our quest to greatness.  We must do battle with it if we are to do not just good work, but great work. It is the obvious [...]


Simple Truths of Failure

Today’s post is by Tim Eyre. Working with self storage users all over the United States, Tim Eyre helps customers store their stuff in places like Chicago self storage facilities and North Fort Myers self storage locations. In his spare time, Tim likes to get outside for a game of basketball or a round of golf. [...]


What Would You Do?

Shopping is one of my daughter’s favorite things to do.  So we often travel 75 miles to go to a mall because it has all of her favorites stores – her idea of a perfect day out with mom.  One of those stores is Abercrombie.  For the most part I like the clothes for her, [...]