Month: May 2012


Do You Use These Conversation Stoppers?

Have you ever considered you can stop a conversation without saying a word? Whether you know it or not, you have probably done so on more than one occasion. In fact, we all have. Your body language or facial expressions probably won’t be as obvious as it is in the image.  In fact, to the outside [...]


How to Elevate Your Leadership

“Moore’s Law tells us technology is capable of doubling its capacity every few years. We, too, are increasing our capacity, especially the most achievement driven among us who tend to land in lives of leadership.  We are working faster, more efficiently, longer and harder.  All of which is reaching a boiling point evident in measures [...]


When Do Leaders Need to Be Patient?

Is patience a desirable leadership trait? Monica Diaz (@monedays) asked this question recently on Linked In.  While my immediate response was absolutely, I think it’s important for us to be mindful of whether we are being patient for a higher purpose, or using the veneer of patience as a disguise for avoidance. Here are a few examples I could [...]


The Key to Starting on Time

Are you frustrated by people who show up late?  Does it make you crazy when you show up on time, but others don’t, leaving you waiting? Forget the incentives, the punishments and the gimmicks. Lead by example instead. There is a key principal you can use as your guide to taking action that will ensure [...]


Are You A Muse for Magnificence?

Is there someone who has believed in you even when you have gone through the dark days of self doubt? Is there anyone in your life who listens for the best in you even when you are at your worst? They might even be tough on you, not out of judgement, but because they know [...]