Month: June 2012


Listening in the Age of Attention Deficit:Part II

Listening well is hard work. To be effective you must be both focused and present.  Yet in this age of “attention deficit” it can be quite hard to create the mental space necessary to really listen to another human being. Part I considered some of the external distractions you might encounter when you are trying [...]


How to Say No and Mean It

Do you or someone you know have a hard time saying “no”? “Yes” is certainly a much easier and more socially acceptable response, especially if you want to be perceived positively and/or as a team player.  It can even feel good, at least in the moment you say it anyway. Unfortunately, saying “yes” to too many things [...]


Awakened Leadership

Following is a guest post from Alan E. Shelton, author of the new book Awakened Leadership.  Through the story of his own personal journey from CEO to the ashram’s of India and back, he carries a message of hope that we truly can integrate our personal life, our spiritual selves and our career here and [...]