Month: August 2012


Changing How We Think About Change

The following is a guest post from Jann E. Freed, PhD, who is a leadership development and change management consultant with The Genysys Group.  For more information, please see her website where she blogs about learning, leading, living, … sage-ing®. Change. The only constant is change. Change happens to everyone.  Some changes are personal and some changes [...]


5 Steps to Moving On from Your Mistakes

My daughter came home from the second day of school yesterday and broke down in tears.  She had made a mistake in the morning that resulted in upsetting some of the people in her class. …She was embarrassed. …She was angry with herself. …She was afraid people would be mad at her or not like [...]


The Purpose of Rules and Principles

As the US Women’s Team claimed the Team Gymnastic Gold Medal on 7/31/2012, it was bittersweet for Jordyn Wieber of the United States as the reigning World Champion. While she competed in the Team competition and shares the Gold Medal win, she did not go on to compete in the individual all-around medal round. That’s because although [...]