Month: September 2012


Integrity is an Aspiration

I realize this may seem like an unusual statement. You may even think it sounds like a cop out. After all, isn’t doing the “wrong” thing instead of the “right” thing always somehow…well, wrong? Except integrity isn’t black and white. Some things may seem black and white when we look through our own lens – [...]


Navigating LinkedIn’s New User Interface

The following guest post is from Viveka Von Rosen, aka @LinkedInExpert. In her new book, LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day she guides you in how to get the most out of Linked In.  Since LI just made some major changes to their user interface I asked Viveka to share with you here how to navigate [...]


Why Setting Expectations Can Backfire

Following is a guest post by Garret Kramer, author of Stillpower: Excellence with Ease in Sports and Life. His revolutionary approach to performance has transformed the careers of professionals athletes and coaches, Olympians, and collegiate players. Kramer’s work has been featured on WFAN, ESPN, Fox, and CTV, as well as in national publications such as [...]


Are You A Team Player

Talk is cheap.  This is especially true when it comes to saying you are a team player. Just because you say you are, doesn’t make it so.  In her article When is a Team Player Not a Team Player, Naomi Karten tells a story of a group of self-proclaimed “team players” who did not play [...]