Month: December 2012


Preparing For Your Best Year Yet

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As the year comes to a close you may be scrambling to get just a few more things done and tie up loose ends. You may be working hard to finish up that big project, achieve an important goal, or meet a deadline. Or you may be winding down from work and focusing on your family [...]


Finding Our Way Back To Hope

In the wake of the tragic events in Connecticut, I’ve been sharing these lyrics and song by David Wilcox.  I wanted to also make sure it reaches those of you who read this blog because I believe his message is so important to life and leadership. While tragedies such as this tend to stop us in our [...]


Is Your Future Pulling You Forward?

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Have you ever felt like one of Dr. Doolittle’s “Push Me Pull You’s” with your past pulling you one way and your future attempting to pull you another? We all have things from our past that have held us back or kept us stuck.  It can be painful and frustrating when we come up against something from [...]


Want to Be More Interesting?

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Introducing Jason Grant, Regional Director of Leadership Development for The John Maxwell Group.  Jason strives to ask great questions of people and has a passion for sincerely building folks up with genuine encouragement. He enjoys the practical application of leadership. Whenever talking with Jason his passion for leadership and commitment to making a difference in the [...]