Month: March 2013


What If You’re The Underdog?

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Do you have competitors who are better funded than you? Is your team relatively new? Are your competitors richer in human resources? You might even believe that your team is the underdog. You can turn that around and gain a competitive advantage, despite your current disadvantages, with one simple thing: eliminate mistakes. Of course some [...]


The Key to Being Adaptable

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If you want to be adaptable you must be willing to let go of the need to know the answer. Why? Because there is rarely one answer: that single right answer to the questions you are being asked and are asking or the right path through the challenges you face. Sure there are questions for [...]


Find Support For Your Journey

Following is a guest post from my good friend Becky Robinson of Weaving influence inspired by Steven Snyder’s newly released book Leadership and the Art of Struggle. “Through giving and receiving nurturance, we tap into one of the most fundamental of human yearnings: the deeply sacred and intimate experience of reaching out and touching another [...]


Why We Don’t Ask and Why We Should Anyway

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When was the last time you asked for something you really wanted or even needed to support your dreams? Amanda Palmer ran one of the most successful crowd funding campaigns ever to raise money to support her music.  The record company was not satisfied with her results with only 25,000 units sold, so to keep [...]