Month: April 2013


It Sounds Great In Theory…

There are a lot of things that “sound great in theory”.  Yet knowing the theory doesn’t always tell you how to implement the theory in real life. Why does there so often seem to be such a big gap between theory and action? I’ll suggest it is because to apply the theory we have to [...]


A Lesson from A Dark Room

If I were to put you in a completely dark room and you had no idea where the door was, how would you find the door? You would have to take a step, and adjust for your next step given the “feedback”, wouldn’t you?  You would probably bump into things.  You may even get a [...]


The Ultimate Source Of Empowerment

Jim walked into Walt’s office unexpectedly.  “Can we talk?” said Jim.  Walt hesitantly responded: “Sure”.  As Jim closed the door Walt’s nervousness heightened.  He was unhappy, but did not think Jim was unhappy with him. Jim proceeded to talk.  “It seems you are unhappy here Walt.  Now don’t get nervous.  I am not firing you, [...]