Month: June 2013


Leaders Under Construction

Progress is inherently messy.  Yet convention seems to pull for us to always look like we have it all together. What if we didn’t have to “look good” all the time? While visiting the Atlanta Zoo I walked by a sign: “Pardon Our Progress”.  Of course I have seen signs like this before, but something [...]


3 Ways Anyone Can Boost Team Performance

There is a direct link between culture and performance. While you may be thinking the culture can only really be affected (for better or for worse) by the CEO or at least the C-suite leaders in an organization, think again.  Regardless of your level in an organization you have the power to impact the culture [...]


The Upside of Failure

Today I’m sharing a guest post from author, Bill Treasurer. Find out how you can win a free copy of his newest book Leaders Open Doors at the end of the post. Sara Blakely, the billionaire founder of SPANX and the inventor of women’s shapewear, learned a powerful life lesson from her father at a [...]