Month: July 2013


Can Independence Foster Healthy Interdependence?

A lively and insightful #PeopleSkills chat on Twitter led by Kate Nasser and David Moore got me thinking more deeply about the relationship between independence and interdependence as it applies to teamwork. As I began to make the case for the value of those who work well independently to a team, Simon Harvey reminded me: [...]


Kindness and Leadership

Today I’m thrilled to share a guest post written by Jon Mertz of Thin Difference. Jon is passionate about dispelling the myth of a generation gap and uniting leaders across generations to share experiences and learn from one another. Kindness and Millennials: Leadership Renewed In reading Susan Mazza’s Leading Made Simple Report, there are certain [...]


Leading Skeptics and Believers

If you are a leader you will face skeptics. They are the people who will dismiss ideas rather than offer ideas of their own. They will respond to “how can we?” with “why we can’t”. They will question actions planned and judge actions taken. They might even question your motives. The bad news is that [...]


The Power of Rapport

Today I’m pleased to share a guest post from author Chip Bell. Chip’s latest book  Managers as Mentors: Building Partnerships for Learning guides leaders in helping associates grow and adapt in today’s tumultuous organizations. “Rapport” comes from an old French word that means “a bringing back” or “harmony renewed.” This definition reminds us that rapport is [...]


A Great Collection of Leadership Posts

This month’s Best of Lead With Giants collection is being hosted by Dan Forbes on his blog Lead With Giants. Dan may be unplugged for a few days, but he left us with plenty to read during this holiday week. Don’t miss the chance to read and learn from some of the best leadership blog posts [...]