Month: August 2013


Are You Micro-managing Yourself?

My to do list was huge. After all I had big plans. I was going to have to get a lot more disciplined if I was going to accomplish it all. Determined to do a much better job than I did last year of managing myself, I searched for technology that could help me. I [...]


Separate but Equal Has Not Left the Building

Following is a guest post from Mason Donovan and Mark Kaplan, co-authors of The Inclusion Dividend, that explores why diversity and inclusion are essential to effective leadership. Although “separate but equal” was struck down quite a long time ago by the Supreme Court, it persists in another fashion once you cross the corporate threshold. If [...]


A Leadership Lesson from the FL Keys

When you think of a place like the Florida Keys, Leadership is probably not the topic that comes to mind. Yet leadership is not limited to corporations or boardrooms.  It doesn’t matter whether you are wearing a business suit or a bathing suit. To be a leader simply requires that you speak up, step up [...]


How to Win Over a Skeptic

In Leading Skeptics and Believers I suggest that if you want to cause change, focus first on the “believers.” While many agreed with that point of view, there was a lot of discussion about what to do with the skeptics. Some believe you should just ignore them. Others believe you have to at least try [...]