Month: September 2013


Leadership or Insubordination?

My boss towered over me as we stood side by side in the elevator. At 6’4″ he looked down at me, cheeks flushed with anger, and said: “you are in big trouble”. We had just left the boardroom and his proposal had been tabled for further discussion. I took a deep breath and stared at [...]


Are You Effectively Engaging Your Team?

With all the talk about Employee Engagement it seems as leaders we are primarily asking the question “Are THEY engaged?” You may well be fully engaged, but if you are a leader and expecting something (like engagement!) from others it is critical that you take a look in the mirror and honestly assess whether you [...]


How to Gracefully Deal with Failure

Introducing Natalie Runyon, a leadership strategist for aspiring female executives who want to change the world.  Natalie serves leaders with a wonderful blend of heart. intellect and pragmatism.  I am honored to be one of the featured speakers in her upcoming Free Telesummit Be the CEO of Your Career.  Here Natalie shares a story from [...]


How to Become a Future Leader

Introducing Dan Schwabel, a Millennial who has a lot of wisdom to share about Gen Y Careers, Workplace Trends and Personal Branding.  One of the reasons I am drawn to Dan and his work is that at it’s heart Dan writes about freedom.  His new book, Promote Yourself, is out this week.  As Seth Godin [...]