Month: October 2013


How to Lead Like an Xceptionalist

DO! The Pursuit of Xceptional Execution

Kevin Kelly and I connected recently to talk about his latest book, DO! The Pursuit of Xceptional Execution.  Kevin is an internationally acclaimed leadership and motivational speaker and best selling author. A fellow pragmatist, Kevin is passionate about bridging the gap between theory and execution.  For this book he interviewed entrepreneurs from around the world [...]


Leading Can Be Silent

…Generating a supportive gaze from across the room as someone speaks up, letting them know you know it is taking every ounce of courage for them to speak their mind right now. …Standing in the back of the room as someone takes the floor to speak publicly for the first time, giving them your full [...]


What is a Leader?

Leading is simple.  That is the premise of Random Acts of Leadership.  One way to remind us of this is to talk to children about what leadership means and what a leader is.  Kids don’t tend to complicate things the way we adults do. In reading one of my favorite blogs Break the Frame, by [...]


A Positive Perspective on Breakdowns

When breakdowns happen consider it is NOT a sign that something is wrong, but rather that you have simply bumped up against the limits of your current ways of working or thinking. Nothing is wrong. No one is at fault. It’s just that even though something was working, doesn’t mean it will work forever. This includes [...]


Slice Through Overwhelming Workloads

Don Maruska and Jay Perry, co-authors of Take Charge of Your Talent (Berrett Koehler 2013) are Master Certified Coaches who help people take advantage of business and personal challenges in unique and powerful ways.   If you’ve ever played Tetris, you know how quickly things can spiral out of control. Tiles begin to pile up, and [...]

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