Month: February 2014


What’s Your Brand of Bold?

Your Brand of Bold

The following article was first published on Switch and Shift’s blog, where I am honored to be among their League of Extraordinary Thinkers. Now more than ever, we need people who have the courage to be themselves in leadership, no matter what position or title they might have. We need people like you to craft your own brand [...]


4 Ways to Unleash Leadership Energy

Following is a guest article from Achim Nowak.  Achim has a distinctive ability to connect deeply and authentically with others in a way that ignites their passion and energy. It is my pleasure to share some of his wisdom with you here. By the time I get hired to coach a senior executive, he’s been [...]


Tending the Garden of Your Mind

Tending the Garden

“Your mind is like a garden: 
 Whatever you plant will grow. 
Your thoughts are seeds you’re planting. 
They produce, each after its kind.
And you, just like a gardener, 
Can choose which seeds you’ll plant. 
And by the choice of seeds you sow,
 You choose the harvest you will reap.
” Excerpt from The Garden [...]


Be Your Own Brand of Leader

Your Own Brand of Leader

In some professions and organizational cultures there is a disdain for the positional leader.  In some circles, rising up the hierarchy means selling out on your craft.  Others observe the behavior of positional leaders and don’t like what they see in terms of personality or behavior. To become “that kind of leader” would be akin [...]