Month: December 2014


The Simplest Gift

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The end of the year always seems to rush in as though it were, strangely enough, unexpected.  This is a time of completion and an opportunity to begin to ponder the year ahead. It can also be a time of hyper-productivity.  There is, after all, nothing like a rapidly approaching deadline for many of us [...]


Moments of Trust

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Some of those moments will inevitably be moments of truth.  They will set the stage for a long and satisfying relationship or they will cause a crack in the foundation of trust for the future. You may not realize at the time just how pivotal one of those moments of truth may be in building [...]


The Foundation for a Great Partnership

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Yet partnership can be one of the most difficult levels of relationship to cultivate. Take a marriage for example.  Marriage is a kind of partnership, yet 50% or more of those relationships will end in divorce.  Then there are business partnerships.  One of the most important elements of a partnership agreement for a legal business [...]