Month: December 2014


The Simplest Gift

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The end of the year always seems to rush in as though it were, strangely enough, unexpected.  This is a time of completion and an opportunity to begin to ponder the year ahead. It can also be a time of hyper-productivity.  There is, after all, nothing like a rapidly approaching deadline for many of us [...]


Moments of Trust

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Trust may manifest in how we feel about someone, but behind that feeling is a series of moment to moment interactions that set the stage for the quality of the relationship. Some of those moments will inevitably be moments of truth.  They will set the stage for a long and satisfying relationship or they will [...]


The Foundation for a Great Partnership

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Great things are accomplished through extraordinary partnership. Yet partnership can be one of the most difficult levels of relationship to cultivate. Take a marriage for example.  Marriage is a kind of partnership, yet 50% or more of those relationships will end in divorce.  Then there are business partnerships.  One of the most important elements of [...]