Month: January 2015


The Downside of Positivity

The Downside of Positivity

In 1952, Norman Vincent Peale‘s famous book, The Power of Positive Thinking, was published.  The power that positive thinking can have in our lives is today an instilled cultural belief: positive thinking is a good thing and being positive is a good and right way to be. Then again, could positivity have a downside? While most of us, [...]


Is Your Focus Narrow Enough?

Is Your Focus Narrow Enough?

For the motivated and ambitious, it is easy to, as they say, “bite off more than you can chew.” For the curious and entrepreneurial at heart, the world can seem like an ever-growing candy store, introducing and provoking countless new ideas and presenting a never-ending stream of enticing possibilities. It is exciting. The intoxication and [...]


The Relationship Focus of Hidden Leaders

Hidden Leaders Build Relationships

Scott Edinger is the co-author, along with Laurie Sain, of the upcoming book The Hidden Leader, which helps employers learn how to recognize and cultivate talented but under-utilized employees. Here he speaks about one such group of hidden leaders: the tech stars. In December 2014, a computer software problem caused extensive delays throughout the British airspace. In these [...]


What is the Source of Your Power?

What is the Source of Your Power? thumbnail

Beliefs about power and where it comes from have gone through a transformation in recent history.  Popular culture supports the answer that power comes from “the inside”, but do our actions truly reflect that belief? Unfortunately, it’s hard to talk about things that go against popular culture.  After all, popular culture and psychology have been [...]