Month: February 2015


Embracing Failure

Success or Failure?

Successful business leaders tell us over and over again that they had to fail to get to where they are. In fact, it is precisely those failures that led to their success.  Look at Steve Jobs. When did he come up with the iPod? After he had been kicked out of Apple!  When you think of [...]


The Big Little Leadership Idea

The Big Little Leadership Idea

While John Bell attained the position of CEO, I was drawn to his message because he exemplifies the every day leader.  Following is a guest post from John where he shares some wisdom from his newly released book, Do Less Better, as it applies to every one of us regardless of position or title. We’ve [...]


Be My Valentine: A Leader Lesson

Be My Valentine: A Leadership Lesson

What does Valentine’s Day have to do with leadership? Chip Bell, author of the newly-released book Sprinkles, suggests that leaders can offer value-unique service to their associates, providing a more promising path to delight and ingenuity than mere value-added service. There are features of Valentine’s day that are uncharacteristic of any other holiday. And it always makes me [...]