Month: March 2015


3 Simple Steps to Achieve High Performance

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As a professional the demands on your time and attention are intense. Unfortunately, the commitments you make to yourself likely get put aside more often than you intend. Of course, it is your level of commitments to others, your willingness to go above and beyond, and drive to deliver with excellence that sets you apart. [...]


Recognizing Leadership in Action

Recognizing Leadership in Action

Think of someone whose leadership stands out for you. If no one comes to mind, take a moment and consider those around you right now.  Is there someone you can identify whose leadership is noteworthy? Now that you have a specific person in mind, ask yourself: what is it that they have done or provided [...]


Talent Management: You Own It

Talent Management: You Own This

You’re the owner of a business, the leader of your team, the visionary who sees what’s next for the company and strategizes ways to get there. People are the most valuable resource you have, and you recognize this. But cultivating a winning team is no easy feat. You’re trying to figure out how to embark [...]


Are You Practicing Enough?

Are You Practicing Enough?

As I watch my daughter play in her first high school lacrosse season I am reminded of the value of practice. Our girls have won 9 straight state championships and we hope and intend this year will be their 10th. Their success certainly did not happen by accident. There is nothing magical, at least that [...]