Month: April 2015


How Energized Are You?

How Energized Are You?

On a scale of 1 – 10 how energized are you right now? …Do you wake up Monday mornings ready to seize the day? …Are you using your gifts to make the difference you want to make? …Are you experiencing that sense of satisfaction that comes from living true to your values? …Are you fueling [...]


Values Based Leadership in ‘Wind In Your Sails’

Values Based Leadership in Wind In Your Sails

In his book Wind In Your Sails: Vital Strategies That Accelerate Your Entrepreneurial Success, David Greer features ten entrepreneurs who have overcome incredible challenges to lead their companies in new ways. Today’s guest post from David highlights how two of those entrepreneurs overcame their challenges by staying true to their values.   In reading their stories, consider: [...]


A Leadership Method Available to Everyone

A Leadership Method Available to Everyone thumbnail

A young boy was sitting in church with his parents. He noticed there were large brass plates being passed up and down the rows and saw that people were putting money into them.  He asked his father if he could take some out. His father replied: “Yes, you may take some out, but remember to [...]


The Power of Declaring Your Purpose

The Power of Declaring Your Purpose

Every few years I reconsider my purpose. Each time I am reminded of two things. First, few people achieve clarity of purpose without working hard for it. Said another way, your purpose doesn’t usually just come to you out of thin air. The best reason I can come up with for why purpose is so [...]