Month: May 2016


3 Things Leaders Need To Know About Forgiveness

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“I’m sorry. Please forgive me.” This was a text I received a few months ago. I struggled with how to respond. My struggle wasn’t because I did not intend to forgive. It was because this simple statement caused me to think about the following questions: What does forgiveness really mean? What is someone truly asking [...]


It Takes One to Tango

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Following is a guest post from Rich Largman, an expert in Business Acceleration and an exceptional coach, both personal and business. He is also one of my most trusted colleagues and dearest friends. He shares his insights on personal transformation at [Tweet “There is one mindset that is absolutely paralyzing to individuals and organizations [...]


Today is the Day

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Today matters. Think about it…today is the only day you have to alter the course of your future or someone else’s. Seth Godin offered a great nudge to remember just how much today matters in his article titled the “Transformation Tourist“.  He points out that all of the books we read or videos we watch [...]