3 Prerequisites for Being a Leader

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3 Prerequisites for Being a Leader

Anyone can lead.

When I say this, I am not suggesting that everyone in this moment has the capabilities to be THE leader of an organization or cause. What I am suggesting is that anyone can provide leadership that can move forward a possibility that matters to them.

Said another way…

[Tweet “Anyone can commit an act of leadership by speaking or standing up for something they care about.”]

This is what I mean when I say anyone can lead, and what I believe everyday leadership looks like.

Now while I believe anyone can lead, I realize that not everyone believes this to be true.  Unfortunately, many think this is valid in concept but does not apply to them.

There are 3 fundamental prerequisites to being a leader. They are:

I care.

I matter.

I will make a difference.

Everyone is capable of fulfilling all three of these prerequisites.  Consider that when you can authentically declare these 3 statements, then you are ready to lead.

So ask yourself or someone you want to empower to lead the following 3 questions:

1.  Do you care:  What do you care about that is bigger than you and your personal concerns?

2.  Do you matter:  Do you believe that you have something of value to contribute to that which you care most about?

3.  Will you make a difference:  Are you willing to take a stand that you will act to make a difference, in what and for whom you care most about?

Anyone can lead. The question is have you done the work to satisfy the prerequisites to be a leader?

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