A Core Belief of Effective Leaders

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A Core Belief of Effective Leaders

While leadership can be witnessed in a person’s actions, there are a specific set of core beliefs that effective leaders use to guide their actions.

One of the core beliefs of effective #leaders is “Our Future is Up to Me.” tweet this

Now by that, I do not mean that you have to know it all or do it all yourself.

It’s actually not about you at all, but rather about taking a stand to lead the way for something bigger than you.

It’s not about arrogance either — as in, “I am the only one who can do this.”

It’s simply about choosing your actions, as though you are the one who is personally responsible for the future.

Here’s an example of the power of this belief…

Many years ago I was working with a call center that was being closed. The people were devastated. Some of them had worked there for over 30 years. The anger and fear was palpable.

Then one of the people with the least seniority made a suggestion that created a glimmer of possibility. They suggested that, instead of waiting for the company to help them find jobs, that they work together to make sure everyone found an opportunity. It took some convincing, but the possibility started to gather steam.

Now this one person certainly couldn’t accomplish that alone. Yet they also did more than just voice the idea. They made it their personal mission to keep this extraordinary possibility alive for the entire group. When people got discouraged and began to think it wasn’t possible, they redirected the conversation from why they couldn’t to how they would succeed.

The outcome was remarkable, especially given the circumstances.

When the call center closed the doors 6 months later, the spirit was one of celebration rather than mourning. They had succeeded in placing everyone. Interestingly, they had another success to celebrate — they had also achieved among the best call center results in the country during that 6 month period.

This is the kind of result that becomes possible when someone chooses to believe, “Our future is up to me!”

What might be possible if you related to the future of your family, your community, or your business as though it truly were up to you?


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Dave Noonan   |   24 July 2015   |   Reply


A great read and story! As a leader in a large company, I am often seen as “the company” to the folks on my local team. Being able to demonstrate a belief in our efforts as if it were up to me is huge…and impacts everyone around me…even as larger decisions are made “at the top.”

Keep up the great work,


Susan Mazza   |   05 August 2015   |   Reply

Thanks so much Dave (and sorry for the delay in my response!). I think sometimes people forget that we all answer to someone yet we have far more power than we realize from any level.