A Leader’s Words Matter

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A Leader’s Words Matter

“Your words are your wand.” – Florence Schovel Shinn

Words are the tools leaders use to shape what is possible for the future, as well as the experience of the present for better or for worse.

A leader’s words can…

Build someone’s self-esteem,
or diminish their sense of self-worth.

Evoke excitement and enthusiasm,
or stoke fears and trepidation.

Bring people together,
or tear them apart.

Create a sense of optimism about the future,
or feed negativity and resignation.

Provide a sense of certainty that builds a foundation of confidence and trust in themselves, in each other and in the future.
Or sow doubt and divisiveness.

Lift people’s sights higher by bringing to life a sense of meaning, purpose, and possibility,
or drag focus downward to the daily grind, stifling connection and self-expression.

Remember that your words matter. Choose them wisely.


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Mike Henry Sr.   |   08 February 2018   |   Reply

Thanks Susan! Similar to your last one, I also thought how they can inspire courage or deflate and defeat. Great reminder. Much appreciated.