A Moment of Courage – Part II

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Here’s one interpretation of what a moment of courage feels like and the choice our courage provides.

Of one thing I am certain: anyone reading this has already had moments like this. May you have many more in your lifetime. In fact, there’s probably a lot of people who are counting on it!

Photo by ©Henie

Photo by Henie


Your heart beats,
louder and louder, faster and faster.
You feel its echo as if it were the hammer
beating the drum in your ears.
The moment is seemingly endless.
You’ve been here before.
This is the moment when
courage meets reasonability;
When it takes courage
to bring commitment to life
lest it be snuffed out.
Perhaps it’s courage that brings forth these moments,
the power that propels us past the edge of what we know,
and the source of our choice to stay there
moment by moment.

P.S Thank you Henie for the great picture to go with the poem! Visit Henie’s blog for more wonderful photos and words of inspiration and wisdom at www.HennArtOnline.com

©Susan Ernst Mazza, All Rights Reserved, 2009 (Poem)

©www.HennArtOnline.com (photo)


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Jay   |   29 January 2009   |   Reply

A leader and now a poet! What else do you have in store for us? Beautiful!

Henie   |   29 January 2009   |   Reply

Ahhh, the beating heart of courage! I’ll echo Jay…beautiful!

Now that I’ve read this, let me go through my photos to see what might marry well with this.

Beat Always,

Henie   |   29 January 2009   |   Reply


Email me your email address…I think I have a simple photo.


Richard Reeve   |   29 January 2009   |   Reply

I love that you speak to this issue in poetry…how else to get out “past the edge of what we know.”

Tom Volkar / Delightful Work   |   01 February 2009   |   Reply

Most likely not the photo you would choose. But this reminds me of how I felt in those glorious seconds before I was about to receive a rugby kickoff. Thanks for the memory.

semazza   |   03 February 2009   |   Reply

@Jay hope I can keep surprising you!

@Richard hadn’t thought of that, but good point (especially for me as this is not my usual form of expression)

@Tom Anyone who puts themself in that position has guts! Have heard Harv Ecker say “how you do one thing is how you do everything”. I suspect that is spot on about you.

Henie   |   03 February 2009   |   Reply

Looks great Susan! Thanks for the link but my url/link is


Thanks again for using my photo~:)

Amy Jewell   |   14 February 2009   |   Reply


I love this blog. Great stuff! Good to see Henie somewhere again too!

semazza   |   15 February 2009   |   Reply

Thanks for visiting and for your kind words Amy. Just took a trip to your blog and am intrigued by the interview you posted. Will let you know when I’ve been able to listen. I hope to have Henie join me again soon!

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