A Year of Kindness, A Call to Lead

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An act of kindness is perhaps one of the smallest things you can do to make a big difference.

Committing an act of kindness can also be profoundly simple to do.  It taps into our innate human drive to love.  The experience can be as profoundly joyful for the giver as it can be for the receiver.  And with each act of kindness you can cause a ripple of loving kindness in the world.

Consider that the same can be true of committing an act of leadership.

In 1961 a mathematician and meteorologist at MIT developed a scientific theory that eventually became known as the “butterfly effect”: it is the concept that small events can have large, widespread consequences.  Translated into mass culture, the butterfly effect has become a metaphor for the existence of seemingly insignificant moments that alter history and shape destinies.

A simple act of leadership can cause potent ripples of change in families, communities, workplaces, and the world.  Tweet This

While grieving for the loss of my dad in 2006 I discovered the Random Acts of Kindness Movement.  It is what stimulated the fundamental inquiry behind Random Acts of leadership:

What if committing an act of leadership could be as simple as committing an act of kindness?  Tweet This

While the concept of leadership is often associated with power, it is through this inquiry that I discovered just how our innate human drive to love can be the the most potent source of our power as leaders.

In 2014 I released an eBook titled Leading Made Simple to reveal the outcomes of this inquiry so far.  If you do (or have) read this eBook I would love your feedback as the inquiry continues on!

As another new year begins I am present to both the acts of kindness and the acts of leadership that have influenced my experience of life and propelled my work forward in ways I had not imagined in 2014.

May 2015 be a year of kindness given and received both freely and often.  And may you answer the call to lead through the simple every day acts of leadership that have the power to make a big difference in the lives you touch and the world beyond. 

Thank you for the gift of your presence here and your contributions to the inquiry of Random Acts of Leadership throughout the year.

P.S.  To receive a free PDF of Leading Made Simple CLICK HERE.


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Chery Gegelman   |   05 January 2015   |   Reply


I read this post when it hit my email and loved it! I love the history behind Random acts of Leadership and the powerful quote in your post. “What if committing an act of leadership could be as simple as committing an act of kindness?”

I think it resonated so loudly because so much of my journey in 2014 has been about the humans in our world, and how we treat each other.

Thank you!

Susan Mazza   |   06 January 2015   |   Reply

Thank you Chery. Glad it resonated. Given the stories you have shared over the last year it makes perfect sense!