Applying Neuroscience for New Leadership Results

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Today’s article is from Rebel Brown, someone I admire greatly for constantly learning and leading the way to applying new knowledge and ideas to help us all be better and do better.  Her latest work, The Influential Leader, is no exception.

The Influential Leader, by Rebel Brown

All leaders face similar questions.

  • Why are humans so darned unpredictable?
  • If we’re so logical, why do we make such bad decisions?
  • Why does the mention of change cause people to hunker down?
  • Why is clear communication just plain difficult?
  • Why will groups follow each other, even if it’s in the wrong direction?

Traditional leadership paradigms don’t have a workable answer to these questions. Why? Because traditional leadership paradigms are based on inaccurate science and dogma.

Every day, neuroscience discoveries are turning traditional beliefs about how we think and behave upside down and inside out.

The great news is that, thanks to neuroscience and the technology of our minds, we can learn how to really influence and lead people into the next generation of productivity, performance, and satisfaction. {tweet this}

For example, did you know that:

  • 95% of your decisions and behaviors are driven by your unconscious mind, and you never know it?
  • Your unconscious mind selects your reality from your sensory data, based on your unique mindware programs? When you understand those programs, you can change the way you (and your teams) see and respond to your world.
  • Human instincts, including the herd instinct, status quo bias, patterning and more, get in the way of business decisions?  When you understand the instincts, you can lead around them to fuel new results.

The technology of our minds is the path to the next generation of human performance, in every aspect of business and life. You can influence your teams to transform your business, school, non-profit, club or team, and your life.

The power is right there, in your mind! So what are you waiting for?

Get your guide to the human mind.

We think this information is so important that we’re giving away FIVE DAYS of FREE DOWNLOADS. We want every human on the planet to know the truth about the power of our minds, and how to access that power.

Download your copy today. And while you’re at it get a copy for your team members, your peers, your family and friends.  Oh, and be sure to get one for your boss, too!

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Rebel Brown guides organizations and individuals to harness the power of our minds to step into limitless results. Applying the discoveries of neuroscience in easily accessible ways,  she leads you to use the Technology of Your Mind to create excellence in your business and life. Find her on Twitter at @RebelBrown.

Learn more about The Influential Leader in these short 3-minute videos: Motivation, Humans and the Herd, Leading Successful Change.



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Sharon Gilmour-Glover   |   11 December 2013   |   Reply

Hi Rebel and Susan,

Rebel, thanks for writing this post and Susan, thanks for posting it!

Boy are you speaking our language. We’ve been using the learning from neuroscience in our work with leaders in all levels of an organisation for years. We haven’t met too many other people who take a similar approach.

Rebel, we agree entirely that this work is so important, we want as many people as possible to be exposed to it and learn how to use it. I love the way you stated it, “The technology of our minds…”. Brilliant!I am beyond thrilled that you’re writing about and have a resource.

Gosh I love the web! Without this technology, I would never have been exposed to you, your way of thinking and your work. I look forward to many fruitful conversations about this topic.

By the way, are you familiar with the books Rewiring the Corporate Brain and Leadership and the New Science?

Thanks so much ladies. This post made my day,

Rebel Brown   |   12 December 2013   |   Reply

HI Sharon

Thanks so much for the kind words and glad to hear your business is focused on the power of neuroscience as well! Isn’t it amazing what we are learning about our minds – and how powerful we really are?

What gets me is how many people resist the idea of being their own power. Even after quantum biology and pure science has proven it to be true.

We all have the power to create excellence in everything we do. Here’s to all of us learning how to use that power to literally transform our organizations and our world! There’s a better way and thanks to neuroscience – we can learn it and live it!

Susan Mazza   |   15 December 2013   |   Reply

Hi Sharon,

It is pretty amazing the people and the ideas we get to connect with regardless of geography. Happy to connect the two of you!

The books you mention are both personal favorites of mine. There is so much to learn from science in how we think about people, performance and the performance and possibilities of human systems. A very exciting conversation indeed that I am happy to have kindred spirits to engage with about.

Amber-Lee Dibble   |   11 December 2013   |   Reply

Rebel!! (and Susan!) ~ I have MISSED you, Rebel! And learning about the neuroscience. I don’t have much luck with downloads but I am going to try. Merry holidays and safe adventures to you both and all you love and hold dear.

Susan Mazza   |   15 December 2013   |   Reply

Merry Holidays to you too Amber-Lee. You will enjoy Rebel’s book so let’s do what we need to do to make sure you can get it!

Rebel Brown   |   12 December 2013   |   Reply

Ms Amber-Lee

So great to see you here! This download is EASY and if you have any trouble – let me know and I’ll get you a copy on the side. I have the power. He He:)

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