Are You in the Zone?


Are you truly living in the zone?  Not just any zone, I’m talking about your personal greatness zone?

It is a question you can’t help but be left thinking about when you read Jay Forte’s latest book The Greatness Zone.

It is a heartwarming story of self discovery that offers a simple yet potent model for finding that magical intersection where your strengths, your passions and your definition of success meet.

Perhaps I related so much to this particular story because I was given a similar “push” to the main character, Mike, by my parents.  I was strongly urged to go to school to study subjects that my parents thought would ensure I got a good job, but for which I had no interest and certainly no passion.   My good grades and overall enjoyment of college life effectively masked my lack of real interest.  Work was more enjoyable for me than school, but something fundamental was still missing.

It took me many years, a lot of soul searching, and some big risks to find my way to doing what work I truly love to do.  In reading Jay’s book and talking with him one on one I realize I still have work to do to hone my focus so I can fully experience living in my own personal greatness zone.

Jay’s questions are simple, but getting to the real answers for ourselves isn’t always easy.

As I read Jay’s book I found myself thinking I wish I would have had a guy like Jay in my life back then to teach me with such simplicity and clarity how to find my Greatness Zone.  Fortunately his guidance lives in the book he wrote and the movement he has only just begun.  Visit his site http://www.thegreatnesszone.com for some helpful resources and to learn more.

So what about you:  are you living in your Greatness Zone?


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Kent Julian   |   13 August 2012   |   Reply

Simple, yet powerful question. And I agree, getting to the real answers isn’t always easy. However, we can start by taking small, intentional steps in the areas of our life that matter most. This one, simple action will, if practiced daily, put us in the zone.