Do Leaders and Entrepreneurs Need the Same Skills?

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Do Leaders and Entrepreneurs Need the Same Skills?

Are there skills that effective leaders and entrepreneurs have in common? I think so!

Shane Barker of Gifographics.co shared this infographic with me, and I thought that many of these skills apply to leaders too.

The only one that gives me pause is self-reliance. I think that self-reliance can be essential in the early stages of a career or an entrepreneurial endeavor. Yet too much self-reliance can get in the way of leadership, whether you are an employee or an entrepreneur. At some point, you must learn to empower others, or you nor your business will grow.

I would love to hear what you think. What skills do you think both leaders and entrepreneurs need? And what skills do you think entrepreneurs may need that leaders who are employees don’t?

Do Leaders and Entrepreneurs Need the Same Skills?


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Rebecca Elvy   |   29 August 2017   |   Reply

This is a great graphic – thanks for sharing!

I agree with you in regards to self-reliance – but it may mean in the context of not requiring regular feedback – the more senior you get the less common that is (as opposed to delegating/micromanaging which is what I first thought!)

I would also add “Ownership Mindset” to the mix – entrepreneurs tend to have it in spades, but not all leaders do, and it’s vital for effective stewardship!

Thanks for a great post!

Susan Mazza   |   29 August 2017   |   Reply

Both great points Rebecca. Thanks for joining the conversation!