Give Yourself a Gift for the Holidays

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Give Yourself a Gift for the Holidays

It’s that time of year when we celebrate and show appreciation for the people in our lives.  It’s also a time for giving. You may love appreciating people and giving gifts.  For me personally, this is my favorite time of year for that reason.

Yet while our focus is typically on others, I’d like you to consider there is a gift you can give yourself that costs nothing and will not take away from your ability to give to others. In fact, I will suggest that when you give yourself the gift I am about to suggest, you will actually feel even more empowered to give freely and fully yourself.

The gift you can give yourself this holiday season involves a simple choice – a choice to believe in you and to appreciate your value.

One of my coaches shared with me long ago that if you want to be inspiring, be inspired. That same idea applies to appreciation – if you want to appreciate others fully and make them feel truly valued, it makes a big difference if you actually appreciate and value yourself.

I just finished a fantastic workshop and am in this moment experiencing the confidence and satisfaction that can only come from knowing you accomplished something that matters. Yet I also know that this experience can all too easily dissipate. We live busy lives. We work very hard. That is all the more reason to take a moment and appreciate you.

You can do this by writing a thank you note you, appreciating and valuing you the way you would appreciate and value others. Now before you write this off as another good idea that you’ll get to someday soon, or perhaps even a silly idea that might even make you uncomfortable, I suggest you take a moment and relate to yourself as a valued and trusted friend. If that friend did something wonderful or provided something amazing for you or others wouldn’t you take the time to let them know?

So if you are willing to take this on here are two questions you can answer in your “thank you” note to you:

  • What have you accomplished this year that has you feel the most satisfied?

It could be a project you completed, a breakthrough you had, or a difference you made and it could be many things so don’t limit yourself to just one.

  • What have you uniquely provided to others that have added the most value?

It could be to those you work with, it could be work you did as part of a team or anything you could appreciate about yourself

I’ll share one of my accomplishments to let you know that I actually do the things I suggest for myself, too! I just completed creating a product in a physical form that I have wanted to do for 10 years and have been diligently working on for the last two years. There were so many unexpected and difficult things that have happened that could have derailed my efforts this year. There was so much I had to learn and many ways I had to challenge myself and grow that I had not anticipated. But I stuck with it and kept my promise to myself to get this done. There are just a few finishing touches left and I can’t wait to share it with you!

Wherever you are in the world, I wish you a blessed holiday season and a brilliant 2018.

I invite you to share one of your accomplishments or something you have uniquely provided to others this year so we can include celebrating and appreciating you as part of the Holiday Season festivities!


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Mike Henry Sr.   |   16 December 2017   |   Reply

Susan, thanks for a great post. It’s a bit challenging for an old boomer like myself to think about doing something like this. But I’m down for it. I’ll work on it in the next week. And congratulations on your accomplishment this year, too!