How Will You Show Up Today?

What’s Your Leadership Signature?

Following is a guest post from Becky Robinson, Founder and CEO of Weaving Influence.  In a very short time Becky has built a highly successful company from the ground up that specializes in building influence online.  She is someone who continues to inspire me as she epitomizes servant leadership and demonstrates time and time again the power of leading from influence rather than position even as the CEO of her own company.

“Just as we all have unique ways of signing our names, we all create a unique signature as leaders. Your signature presence is the unique suite of leadership assets that make you you.” — Kathy Cramer, Lead Positive

One of my favorite aspects of my job as an online influence building consultant is meeting and interacting with the authors and thought leaders we serve.

Even though many of our authors write and speak about effective leadership, each one is unique — in their perspectives, approaches, desires, thoughts, and attitudes.

Working with Kathy Cramer in launching her book, Lead Positive, has been a refreshing experience because she embodies the principles she writes about. In every call, she stays focused on possibilities and opportunities rather than problems. She creates solutions rather than getting stuck in challenges. Her leadership signature, in part, is the positive perspective she chooses to exude. Every call is a brain-training session for me in remembering and adopting her ABT way (Asset-Based Thinking.)

What is your leadership signature? How would those you lead describe your unique way of being in the world?

Here are three ways you can evaluate and create your leadership signature.

  1. Start with self reflection. How would you describe your leadership signature? What mark would you like to be making as a leader? How would others describe you? Would they describe you as positive or negative? Do you see possibilities or problems? Are you focused on challenges or solutions? The words you use and your actions create your memorable presence, your leadership signature.
  2. Ask for feedback. Ask those you lead what they perceive as your leadership signature. Use focused but open-ended questions, and listen with an open mind.
  3. Adjust as needed. In the event that the signature you’re making as a leader is not aligned with the signature you’d like to make, consider how you might adjust your approach to create a different signature.

Every day and every encounter is an opportunity to shape our leadership signature. tweet this

How will you show up, today?


Lead Positive


This guest blog post by Becky Robinson is in support of Kathy Cramer’s launch of Lead Positive. Kathryn D. Cramer, PhD, is passionate about possibilities and potential. Emmy-winner, business consultant, psychologist, and author, Dr. Cramer has written nine books, including the best-selling Change the Way You See Everything. She created and has dedicated her life to asset-based thinking (ABT), a way of looking at the world that helps leaders, influencers, and their teams make small shifts in thinking to produce extraordinary impact. Her latest book, Lead Positive: What Highly Effective Leaders See, Say & Do (Jossey-Bass, 2014), shows leaders how to increase their effectiveness through her revolutionary mindset management process, Asset-Based Thinking.


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Chery Gegelman   |   19 March 2014   |   Reply

I’m showing up awake, alert, alive and enthusiastic today! How about you Becky and Susan?

Susan Mazza   |   20 March 2014   |   Reply

Awesome Chery!

And that matches my experience of you whenever we interact in whatever form it takes. Always great to see you here!

Mikael   |   18 May 2014   |  

Hi Becky! What wonderful tusreares you came home with…when I pop into an estate sale my thoughts always go to whomever lived there. Its hard for me sometimes as it makes me kind of sad, yet when I come away with treasure, I feel blessed that I am enjoying something that someone else loved so much. Have a fun weekend!!! :))

Jon Mertz   |   19 March 2014   |   Reply

Wonderful points, Becky. All three steps are important with self-reflection leading the way. We need to be fully aware of how we are leading and ensuring we are leading with a solid “signature” as often as we can. A great point about how to Lead Positive! Thanks. Jon

Susan Mazza   |   20 March 2014   |   Reply

Hi Jon,

Thanks so much for stopping by. It occurs to me in reading Becky;s article to observe the people in my circles and see what signature I see.

When I think of your “leadership signature” I think of very insightful and solid – your signature is one that provokes trust easily.

William Butler   |   19 March 2014   |   Reply

Hi Becky and Susan,
My leadership signature is “Lead from the heart” and my life motto is Be Love To Others.

Susan Mazza   |   20 March 2014   |   Reply

Thanks for sharing your signature with us Bill. Amazing how much you can glean about a person from just a few carefully chosen words.

So glad you found your way here!