How Energized Are You?

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How Energized Are You?

On a scale of 1 – 10 how energized are you right now?

…Do you wake up Monday mornings ready to seize the day?

…Are you using your gifts to make the difference you want to make?

…Are you experiencing that sense of satisfaction that comes from living true to your values?

…Are you fueling the energy of the people around you?

…Are you at work on inventing and realizing a future that energizes you to invest yourself fully?

EnergizeYourLeadershipCover16 leaders from around the world have come together to share wisdom from their personal quests to ignite and re-ignite their energy in a book called Energize Your Leadership.

As professionals and leaders in our chosen fields and locals, we witness firsthand the challenges people face, including ourselves, in maintaining the extraordinary energy it takes to lead well.

While good news and success provide welcomed boosts for your energy stores, it is the ability to generate energy consistently over time in the face of challenging circumstances that has the power to elevate you to realize your potential as a leader.

Leading well requires that you learn to generate your energy… again and again.

For me personally, discovering and choosing to live true to my core values has been one of my most reliable energy sources. Values are like a compass that helps you to set your course and make corrections along the way.

When I am living true to my core values, I experience a sense of certainty and satisfaction that seems to diffuse stress and cut through the distractions that drain my energy. I depend on that certainty when things get tough, because it inevitably helps me to take the path of least internal resistance and ignites the energy required for me to forge ahead despite the challenges I may be facing.

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If so, looking to your values is a great place to start. For more insight and ideas, check out Energize Your Leadership and learn from the hard-won lessons and wisdom of these 16 leaders.



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Chery Gegelman   |   01 May 2015   |   Reply

I love generating energy with you! Thank you for the post!

Susan Mazza   |   04 May 2015   |   Reply

Ditto that Chery!