How to Access Your Greatness Zone

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“You have an inventory of greatness – your talents, strengths and passions. You come packaged to do great things. Do a lot with what you have – be a game changer.” –Jay Forte, The Greatness Zone

 Yes, you do indeed “come packaged to do great things”!

The question is: do you really believe that?

One place to look for your answer is in your actions.  Are you actively and consistently taking steps that are moving you forward to realizing the best of who you know and desire you can be?

If you are taking action, but not making progress the next place to look is whether you believe you are on track to fulfill your aspirations.  If not, the culprit is likely rooted in your beliefs.  If you aren’t taking action, chances are the culprit is the same.

It could be your beliefs about yourself.  Or it could be your beliefs about what is possible or not possible.  The reality is it could be any number of things that you decided consciously or unconsciously along your journey that lead you to this moment in time and your current circumstances for better or for worse.

If you want to do even greater things with the rest of your life though, then there is one critical step.  It may seem surprisingly simple. Yet it is necessary if you want to break through to the next level of performance and satisfaction.  Because so much is at stake, this one simple thing can unfortunately become incredibly hard.  You see your subconscious mind is the keeper of your beliefs and those beliefs are designed to protect you.

What is that critical step to catapult yourself into the next tier of your “Greatness Zone”?

CHOOSE what you want from life next.

…Choose what you want to achieve.

…Choose what you want to contribute to the world.

…Choose what you want to be doing and where you want to be doing it.

Whatever you really want, you need to get clear about it and then choose it.   This is the essence of taking a stand.  When you truly choose you declare your certainty that what you want will become a reality, rather than allow yourself to entertain even the possibility of “if”.  Yes, it is very simple, but certainly not always easy.

You may even be thinking, I am oversimplifying things.  Yet it is only when you truly choose what you want that you ask the question that can begin the journey that will take you there…

How will I make it so?

And when you try out one of your answers to “how” and it doesn’t work, you will simply ask…What will I do next?

You must take action to manifest what you chose, because it is only when you are actively in pursuit of your greatness that you will come face to face with the beliefs that may be holding you back.  This is because your commitment and desires will become far more important than your fears which is essential to accessing the protective forces of your sub-conscious mind and give it a new directive.

You will know you are on the path to your Greatness Zone the moment you are certain there is no turning back.

While you will probably make mistakes and even fail along the way, failure will not be an option in your mind and heart.

 Are you ready to choose what you want and do what it takes to make it so?

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