How to Be an Unstoppable Leader

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How To Be An Unstoppable Leader

Vince Lombardi has a famous saying: “Winners never quit and quitters never win.”  Yet if you are going to “never quit” — to keep going in the face of setbacks and breakdowns — you need to have a compelling reason to keep dusting yourself off and trying again.

It’s only when you decide “failure is not an option” that your relationship with those inevitable missteps and failures along the way to success becomes a learning opportunity rather than a reason to quit.

Making that choice to keep going no matter what, however, requires that you have a reason why it’s worth the effort, worth experiencing the inevitable disappointments and uncertainty, and worth facing your fears head-on.

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In order to be truly unstoppable, you must have a clear and compelling “why” — a why it matters to you, why it matters for those you care about, and why it matters to the future you envision.

When you want to be unstoppable, make sure to take the time to first get clear about your reason why it matters — because that will be the source of your ability to power through in the face of doubt and daunting circumstances.

For some, to be unstoppable as an individual, it is enough to have a personal passion for winning or being the best. For many, though, being personally unstoppable also requires a relentless commitment to others or to something far more significant than themselves.

Leaders, however, know that the satisfaction and glory of your personal achievement will never be reason enough for others to follow.

Taking the time to formulate your “why” and the “why” that matters to others is essential to being an effective leader. In fact, perhaps this is the key to the real difference between being a leader and being a manager.

A plan without a “why” may engage hands and minds, but it will never engage hearts. Leaders engage hearts.

 What is your reason for being unstoppable that will truly engage the hearts of those you lead?


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Mike Henry Sr.   |   05 March 2016   |   Reply

Susan, thanks for the great mental image. Being unstoppable presupposes you’re going somewhere. I like the image of the runner too. Our intended destination can pull us if we pick a good one. You consistently remind me to pursue my best ideas and take my greatest chances and never give up. Thanks for another reminder. I appreciate you. Mike…

Susan Mazza   |   08 March 2016   |   Reply

I am very happy to be a reminder to pursue your best ideas Mike!

Cynthia Bazin   |   07 March 2016   |   Reply

I agree with you Susan that the “Why” definitely matters. We need to have our team invested in what we are doing. Excellent article!

Susan Mazza   |   08 March 2016   |   Reply

Thanks for stopping by Cynthia. I appreciate your feedback!

Chery Gegelman   |   29 March 2016   |   Reply

I love the emphasis on the benefit of having a clear and compelling why… We will run into lots of challenges as we pursue our dreams. And we need to have the focus to be unstoppable!