How to End the Year Strong

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How to End the Year Strong

Have you ever wondered why some people have more success than others in learning something new?

I have to admit I am a bit of a “collector” of personal and professional development resources. In fact, I have amassed quite a library of amazing resources, both online and off.

Some content I devoured from Day 1. And some is still sitting on the shelf. I’ve heard these resources aptly named as “Shelf Help”!

There are 2 things I know for certain:

1. “Shelf Help” can make absolutely no difference.


2. How fast you get started will determine your level of success.

This time of year is often when we begin winding things down. We are also especially busy with the festivities of the holidays well underway.

I have a challenge for you:

Make time for your personal or professional development this month and end your year strong. (tweet this)

In the month of December, I have taken on doing one thing for my development every day through the end of the year. I’m finding this a great way to start my day, especially because it is fueling my focus, despite the many enticing distractions.

Will you join me? What book, product, or program has been sitting on your shelf that you can dust off and put to good use right now?

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