How WIll You Spend Tomorrow?

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My daughter posed a question to my husband and I over dinner one night:

“If you knew you were guaranteed to receive $86,400 a day, at 12:01 am every day for the rest of your life, how would you spend it?”

The only catch is that you must spend it.  You can’t save it in any form, and whatever you don’t spend is gone forever.

Would you spend it all each and every day?

What would drive your decision regarding how much to spend and on what?

We started talking about all the things we might do with that money each day, how it would change our lives and how we could use it to contribute to the lives of others.

The more we talked about it we actually could begin to see that it would take work to spend that kind of money in a day if we wanted to be thoughtful and not just squander it.  At some point we all began to realize the responsibility that would come along with such a gift. The following passage came to mind:

“From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked” (Luke 12:48)

Then she went on to say…there are 86,400 seconds in a day.

Of course, you spend them every single day for as long as you live.  You can never get them back.

How do you spend them?

Do you give the same attention and consideration to how you spend your time each and every day as you would $86,400? tweet this

For every day you walk this earth you are given the gift of 86,400 seconds.

How will you spend your tomorrow?

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Jaimee   |   24 April 2014   |   Reply

So easy to forget how precious life is

Susan Mazza   |   25 April 2014   |   Reply

Indeed it is!

Carl   |   24 April 2014   |   Reply

Great post Susan, much more thought provoking dinner conversation than – “so, what did you do in school today?”

Best regards,

Susan Mazza   |   25 April 2014   |   Reply

That’s for sure Carl! Especially since the response to “how was school?” and “what did you learn?” seem to provoke only 1 work answers like “fine” and “nothing” 🙂

Jon Mertz   |   24 April 2014   |   Reply


Great questions by your daughter! Be aware of the time we are given should empower us to use it more fully in our lives. Instead, we get caught up in distractions and unproductive use of those precious seconds. There is no easier answer to the question other than keep focused, keep giving, keep getting better, and keep good relationships growing.


Susan Mazza   |   25 April 2014   |   Reply

Well said Jon! We can use all the reminders we can get so we don’t lost sight of the value and opportunity of those precious seconds.

Maria Garcia   |   01 May 2014   |   Reply

” Time is money” say some people, but time is more than money, in fact time is everything, specially for relationships of all kind. I remember back when I was raising my children, I was a single parent trying to do the best I could to put a roof and a plate of food to my children
having to work two jobs just to pay my bills and provide for my young ones was very hard but I didn’t have a choice. One night my youngest boy was waiting for me in the living room with a sad look on his face, I asked him what’s wrong honey? he replied I am sad mom, I asked him why? he said because I miss you, I miss being with you, I miss talking to you, I miss doing things with you, I remember I hugged him so hard and told him that I felt the same way but that I was going to my best to spend more time with them. Yes those were difficult times that also had some consequences. Time is the most precious gift of all, it is priceless, time is the best gift we can give to our children, spouses,friends and to our selves as well.
We need time for ourselves so that we can give our best to others. I love this post Susan It make us reflect on the importance of putting our priorities in order in our lives. I also would like to thank your daughter for inspiring you to write this blog! Next time I go to Palm Bay will let you know maybe we can meet in person, would love to invite you for lunch or dinner or coffee, you choose 🙂

Susan Mazza   |   10 May 2014   |   Reply

Hi Maria,

Thanks so much for sharing your story. Time is indeed everything!

I will be in Palm Bay giving a talk at a networking event the Women’s Business Center at FIT on May 22, 2014 from 8-9am. Any chance you can join me? It would be a chance to grab that cup of coffee (It’s called Strong Coffee, Strong Women) Here’s the link: http://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/event?utm_medium=email&oeidk=a07e99un42b93bd9f8c&llr=k49vsadab&utm_campaign=UA-36023515-1&utm_source=Strong+Coffee%2C+Strong+Women+-+NEW+Quarterly+WBC+Networking+Event

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