Make a Promise to You

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January of a new year is well under way.  Are you truly off to a fresh start?

By fresh I mean that moment when your focus is entirely on the future and the past has somehow lost it’s grip, at least for the moment.  It’s an experience of lightness, freedom and hopefulness.

Are you experiencing that sense of possibility a new year brings…still?

New year energy has a way of dissipating all too quickly.  More gym memberships, weight loss programs and countless other ambitious and sincere endeavors are begun on January 1 with the best of intentions.  Sometimes we succeed and sometimes we don’t, yet at some point for all of us the new year becomes just another year.

However, your focus on the future, and the energy that focus ignites, does not have to diminish.

Here is one idea for ensuring you keep that energy alive throughout the year:

Make at least one heartfelt, meaningful promise to yourself for this year, keep it present always and do whatever it takes to keep it no matter what.

It could be something you are going to accomplish, or something you want to do or experience.  It may be something you already have on your list of goals, intentions, or whatever form your plans for a new year may take.

The first key is to make sure whatever you choose as your promise to you for the year is very important to you personally – something that really matters to you.  And the bolder the better!  You likely have many things you want to accomplish and aspirations you want to fulfill.  The one thing you choose to promise to yourself will be the one thing that will not change on that list.  You must be willing to promise to make it so no matter what.

Here is what I suggest you do to get started…

1.   Think about what you want most for yourself this year.  What promise could YOU make to YOU that would represent a giant step forward in realizing your dreams for your future, your future as you want it to be?

2.  Write it down using as simple language as possible with your own hand using a pen (no typing) using this format:

I promise I will ______________this year no matter what!

Hint:  If you can’t remember your promise so you can say it with your eyes closed you may want to make the language simpler.

3.  Memorize it so you can say it EASILY without looking at your piece of paper.

4.  Stand in front of a mirror, look yourself in the eyes, and say your promise out loud.  This can be surprisingly uncomfortable, so if it is say your promise to you looking into your own eyes until it feels like you mean it.  Don’t just do this to get it over with.  And whatever you do, do not skip this part!

5.  Share that promise with one person who you believe will support you in keeping your promise to yourself.  Even better if you can share it with someone who can help you fulfill on your promise.  Who you choose to share it with is as important as sharing it.

One thing is for certain, life rarely goes as planned.  We need something to keep our intentions and attention on what matters most or we risk having the demands of the day rob us of our experience of the possibility of our future.

Plans and goals certainly help.  Yet if we want to truly experience possibility in the present moment we must is keep at least some aspect of the future we want for ourselves front and center, as well as take consistent action to ensure we make progress in realizing that future.

Are you willing to make a promise to yourself this year and do whatever it takes to keep it?  if so, what difference do you think doing so could make in your everyday life and/or your leadership?


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