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3 Reasons Why Connecting is Essential to Progress

3 Reasons Why Connecting Is Essential to Progress

In our fast-paced, rapidly changing world, there is an endless demand for things that need to get done. It’s not hard to make a case that the need for organizations to be productive is paramount to success. Yet all too often the path to increased productivity excludes time to connect with each other. Some would [...]


How Asking Can Make You a Rock Star

How Asking Can Make You a Rock Star

No one has all the answers.  Yet all too often we think we should know things we don’t. Or worse yet, we worry that other people expect us to know things that we don’t. When that happens, we simply don’t ask to avoid the risk of looking bad or feeling stupid. Or we spend countless [...]


Are You a Collaborative Leader?

Are You A Collaborative Leader?

According to the authors of the new book Collaboration Begins With You, if collaboration is going to succeed it must begin with you. This thought-provoking post from Ken Blanchard, Jane Ripley, and Eunice Parisi-Carew challenges us to consider whether our own style of leadership is truly collaborative, and how that affects those we lead. Are you [...]


Leading the Way in Trust

Leading the Way in Trust

Trust is one of those things we intuitively know makes a difference in our effectiveness and even the bottom line.  It can be a lot harder, though, to actually show the return on investment of being a trustworthy business.  And make no mistake about it – building trustworthy business practices and doing what it takes [...]


Moments of Trust

Moments of Trust thumbnail

Trust may manifest in how we feel about someone, but behind that feeling is a series of moment to moment interactions that set the stage for the quality of the relationship. Some of those moments will inevitably be moments of truth.  They will set the stage for a long and satisfying relationship or they will [...]

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